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GaN – Future of Charging

Gallium Nitride, GaN, is a modern semiconductor material that is now replacing silicon chips in chargers.

GaN material is more efficient in transferring power and produces less heat compared to silicon when it comes to chargers. When components are more efficient in passing energy to your devices, you need less of them and as GaN produces less heat, components can be close together. This means GaN chargers are smaller than traditional chargers.

These small GaN chargers are highly efficient and pack more power while maintaining safety standards. In simple words, GaN chargers will be smaller, faster and more efficient enabling fast charging USB cable for iPhone & Samsung and many other phone variants and devices.

We assure you that if you are looking for type-C device charger; we can provide you best charging cable in India. GaN is the best charging cable in India.

type -c device charger for iphone and samsung

Sortd USB-C to USB-C 100W Charging Cables

Fast Charging USB Cable for iPhone & Android

Get the best cable to safely charge your products with the Sortd USB-C 100W Charging Cable. The cable features high-density braided cable with built-in Smart IC for safe charging. With PD4.0 Flash Charging support, fast charge your type-c device whether at home or on the go. This is for sure the best USB-C 100W charging cable in India that you can get.

Sizes available: 1 mtr | 2 mtr