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How to increase your productivity while working from home or workspace?

How to increase your productivity while working from home or workspace?

The mess of papers, files, and chaos of wires on your desk might help you create a facade that you're working extremely hard, but in reality, it is reducing your productivity.

According to a study conducted by Harvard, people sitting on cluttered and messy desks are less efficient, less productive, and more frustrated than those with neat and clean desks. It was also observed that when participants cleared the clutter from their work environment, they focused better, and their productivity increased. We are always on the run in our busy lives - running to meet deadlines and to earn rewards. As we live through this busy life, let us not make our work desks chaotic. The productivity levels will surely deteriorate and decay in an unorganized work environment. A productive workday experience begins when you clear your mind of all the stress and your desk of all the clutter. After all, cleanliness is next to Godliness!

Tips for creating a healthy working environment :

That constant yawn you are trying to stifle, those drowsy eyes crying out for some rest at the middle of the day – time to stop those and refresh your mind for greater productivity. The first step is clearing your desk and while it might seem tedious, do not worry we are here to guide you:

Keep it minimal :

The lesser the distractions, the better. Remove all the unnecessary things from your workstation such as extra wires or files, no added decorations - keeping it minimalistic. It has been psychologically proven that people tend to be more focused in a space with fewer objects than otherwise. Also, the minimalist environment makes it easy for you to adapt and stay organized at the same time.

Organized Space :

Make optimum use of your space. Space optimization is important so that you can fit in everything that you might systematically need at your workstation. Every workstation is overloaded with wires and devices but what if we say that you do not need to have a separate charger for all your devices? Being organized can help you get more work done in less time. Sortd chargers and cables can help you organize and keep it minimal.

Creating a healthy working environment :

The place you work needs to be one where you feel comfortable as you need to sit there for hours. Get yourself a comfortable chair, but not too comfortable that you turn your office into a lounge space! Make sure you have ambient lighting that doesn't strain your eyes and increase your stress levels. The space you work at needs to be quiet, allowing you to stay focused and increase productivity, so that you put your desk somewhere that is away from all the office hubbub.

Calming surroundings :

While doctors try to spread awareness regarding the necessity of greenery and nature in one's life, it is not always possible to achieve in this modern world, especially in tech-savvy offices. However, it is always a good idea to add a few plants indoors to satiate the eyes of the workers that keep staring at a digital screen most of the time at the office. A small grass patch and a few plants increase morale and brighten up the place. It also has a positive effect on health and well-being, increases concentration, helps reduce stress, and increases productivity.

Recreational spaces :

An average working human spends 1/3 of his life working and that time is spent in an office. Who wants to slouch on the desk in a messy office? Nobody! Therefore, the offices must contain a recreational area where employees can unwind and think freely. When the work environment is fun, it gives the brain a boost to think differently and come up with out-of-the-box ideas. Creating a recreational space will enable your employees to stay motivated and refreshed throughout the day.

One of the devices that can help you create this minimalist workstation is a GaN charger by Sortd. With a faster charging rate and the ability to charge multiple devices at once, it is a real lifesaver.
While one shoe doesn't fit everyone, these are some ways we suggest that can help make you declutter your workstation and become more productive and efficient.

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