About Us

Charging will be Faster

Never again be seen standing next to sockets

Our eyes hunt for sockets everywhere - a friend’s home, a cafe or an airport. It’s common to find people sitting stuck to sockets waiting for the charging that’s taking forever. A paradox of the digital times we live in - devices make us mobile but slow charging keeps us chained. This had to be sorted. We did. With our GaN chargers.

Charging will be Leaner

Don’t we wish there was just one charger for all devices?

As our devices became more powerful, their bigger batteries demanded more power. To keep up, chargers got bigger too. Not a nice side-effect. GaN breaks this conundrum by shrinking the chargers to tidier versions of themselves. Why, some of them even fit in your pockets. After all, there is only so much space on our desks, inside the bags and in our lives.

Charging will be Elegant

Make space only for your sleek devices, not bulky chargers

Another paradox of digital times - gadgets are getting increasingly elegant, only to share space with multiple chargers, cables that clutter our desks and fight for a limited number of sockets. These force us to remember different pin types, different ports, different chargers. What won’t we give to sort this mess!? You got it – GaN chargers sweep our desks, minds and lives clean off all the charging mess. Now tech can actually look tidy.